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Hospice care is a patient and family-centered approach that includes a team of doctors, nurses, home health aides, social workers, chaplains, counselors, and trained volunteers. Along with you and your physician, our interdisciplinary team develops a plan to meet the medical, emotional and spiritual needs of you and your loved ones.

Administrative Staff




Tonya Jordan 

Executive Director

Officers, Board of Directors and Staff


President – Teresa Scott
Vice-Pres. – Jenny Fornes
Secretary/Treasurer – Martha Mayo-Sadler

Board of Directors
Shirley Banks
Ben Hollowell
Jenny Fornes
Teresa Scott

Ricky Miller

Judy Rafson

Martha Mayo-Sadler

Medical Staff 

Tonya Jordan             LPN/Executive Director

V. Denise Credle         Clinical Social Worker                            Office Personnel:

Melissa Watson          Clinical Social Worker                             Kathy Kelley-Collins - Reception

Jabria Hill                  CNA                                                     Linda McLean - Bookkeeper
Rudell King                CNA
Bridgette Maher         LPN

Patty Mills                 RN
Debra O’Neil              RN                                                      
Thrift Store Operations Manager

Linda Pence               RN                                                      Diane McDaniel

Lynn Thoresen           RN

Sarah Tiffany             RN

Marina Smith-Garris    CNA

Christy Ward-Griffin    RN

Deb Murray               RN

Michael North            RN

Contract Staff

Dr. Robert Fisher    MD

Volunteer Staff
Dr. Chris Taylor    MD

Thrift Store Warehouse Manager:

Sonja Price

Thrift Store Managers:

Vicki Dembowski & Cia Wilson

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