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What Services Are Provided

Hospice of Pamlico County is an independent, community-based, voluntary, 501 (C)(3) non-profit agency.  We are licensed by the state of North Carolina and certified by Medicare and Medicaid to provide hospice care. Our hospice services are available free of charge to all terminally ill persons and their families residing in Pamlico, Beaufort and Craven Counties. Hospice of Pamlico County is the only hospice agency based in Pamlico County, NC. Our nursing staff is comprised of local residents available to our patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hospice of Pamlico County care is available to anyone whose physician has given them a prognosis of six months or less. Clients must reside in Pamlico, Beaufort and Craven Counties. A comprehensive assessment by a registered nurse is offered free of charge to determine eligibility for Medicare or Medicaid. Hospice of Pamlico County will bill Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance, but we waive any charges not covered by insurance. There is NO CHARGE to our clients and their families. Services are offered to all eligible persons with Equal Opportunity.

Hospice services are interdisciplinary and structured according to the individual needs of our clients and their families.  We offer the following services to all hospice clients:


  • Nursing Care:  RNs and LPNs visit regularly to monitor symptoms, medications and help to educate clients and families about what is happening. The nurse is also a link between clients, families and physicians. Our locally based nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist in urgent and crisis needs.


  • Hospice Aides and Homemaker Services:  Hospice aides provide personal care such as bathing, shaving and nail care. Homemakers are available for light housekeeping and meal preparation.


  • Pharmacy:  Hospice of Pamlico County provides medications for relief of symptoms associated with the terminal illness as prescribed by the client's physician. A registered pharmacist reviews all medications to ensure they are compatible and to alert the hospice nurse of possible side effects and precautions.


  • Medical Equipment:  Hospice of Pamlico County provides oxygen, hospital beds, wheelchairs, bedside commodes, walkers and any other equipment that may be needed to achieve optimal comfort care in the home.


  • Medical Supplies:  Hospice of Pamlico County provides disposable items such as incontinence and wound care supplies.


  • Social Services:  A social worker is available to counsel and advise clients and their families. The social worker also acts as a community advocate, making sure clients have access to any resources they might need.


  • Physician Services:  The client's own physician approves the hospice plan of care and works with the hospice team.  Hospice of Pamlico County's medical directors are licensed physicians and a family nurse practitioner available to consult with clients, their personal physicians and the hospice team.


  • Spiritual Support and Counseling:  Spiritual counselors are available to visit clients and families to provide spiritual support in the home.  Spiritual care is a personal process. This may include exploring the personal meaning of life, death, resolving "unfinished business," or saying goodbye to loved ones. Counselors are also available to assist the family's personal clergy as needed.  Spiritual care is offered without bias to creed.


  • Trained Volunteer Support:  Caring volunteers have long been the backbone of the hospice movement.  They are available to listen, offer compassionate support and assist with everyday tasks such as shopping and errands.


  • Therapy Specialists:  Physical, occupational and speech therapists can help develop new ways to perform tasks that may have become difficult due to illness, such as walking, dressing, or eating. Registered dieticians can assist with adapting to changing nutritional needs.


  • Respite Care:  Respite care provides caregivers a break from the intensity of care-giving. Respite care can be provided for several hours a week in the home, up to five consecutive days in an inpatient facility.


  • Inpatient Care:  The hospice team can arrange for patient care at the inpatient hospice facility in Greenville or Newport to treat symptoms that cannot be controlled at home.


  • Bereavement Support:  The hospice care team will work with surviving family members to help them through the grieving process with visits, calls, letters and support groups for up to one full year after the loss of a loved one.

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